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Welcome to TREO Realtors! Long gone are the days of the traditional buying and selling of real estate. Today’s consumer expects better marketing, better analytics, and better service. That's where TREO Realtors comes in!

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Are Virtual Showings the Future of Real Estate?

    As many of you know, TREO Realtors is always trying to find new ways to make our clients homes stand out from the rest.  7 years ago it was with wide angle images. 3 years ago it was with interactive floorplans.  Now it’s with Virtual Showings!      A Virtual [Read More]

Zillow app for consumers

Brett Keppler, Broker/Owner for TREO Realtors shares with you one of the FREE applications he has found useful. The Zillow application for iPhone and Android is a great application to have on your phone. Zillow allows you to pick homes for sale by agents, by owner, and [Read More]

Intern takes on house with GoPro

At TREO, we are always trying to save you time when it comes to buying a home. If you can't make it out to see a home, use TREO's "Your Eyes, Our Intern" Program where we simulate an actual walkthrough using GoPro wide angle cameras attached to the heads of our interns. Check out [Read More]

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